GO 粉俱樂部

桃園復興服務中心寒冬中火熱開幕! (1/25)


  • 交車服務 (Deliver Scooters)
  • 維修服務 (Maintain scooters )
  • 車體零件 (Parts )
  • 外掛配件 (Accessories )
營業時間:11:00-21:00 簡介: Gogoro 桃園復興服務中心位於 Gogoro 桃園中正店的步行距離內,是 Gogoro 為擴大服務桃園車主所設的第二個據點。店內設有舒適的開放座位區,無論是維修保養還是談天聚會,來到店裡都能像回家一樣自在。本店提供保養、個性化配件裝戴等服務,騎乘智慧雙輪的豐富樂趣都在這裡,歡迎大家來找到不一樣的自己。

Within the walking distance, Gogoro Fuxing Service Center is here to provide Taoyuan owners the free-of-worries service. Our lounge area are open for all the owners to enjoy the feeling of being home while having your scooters being maintained. We also provide the personalised accessories installation here and allow everyone to enjoy happeniness and express yourself with Smartscooter.