GO 粉俱樂部

To CEO 陸先生 我不快樂(前封文章消失)

Hello, 陸 CEO:
At the beginning, I agreed with your idea and bought your company’s S1 and S2 locomotives, but everything seems to be not as good as you said. Your company has never admitted that have problems!! I don’t know if there is a problem with employee education and training. There are still many shortcomings in the development of the company. The most unbearable thing is that your employees have a lot of attitudes before and after selling the locomotive. After selling the locomotive, they ignore it. Recently, they bought a second car (S2) to install driving records. As a result, all of Taiwan is out of stock, and your advertisements are all played out. The result is that Taiwan is out of stock. Every time you want to install anything, you are out of stock. This way you can’t satisfy the customer’s service. Do you think there is no improvement?

When the customer has problems with the locomotive, it is necessary to maintain , The result is that the appointment has to wait for more than one month. The left brake of the locomotive is faulty. The brake light sometimes lights up and sometimes does not light. It often does not move. The rider rides into the anger, which has affected my driving. Safety and inconvenience in life, reacting to your company, only helping me to spray oil on the parts and saying that it is not bad. In total, I went to the switch four times to spray oil. Your maintenance staff said that it was very busy, the parts were only badly contacted. Can not be replaced, the attitude of this service is really chilling, is it necessary to wait for the traffic to go out of the problem, you will deal with it, angry or angry is still very supportive of you, a thousand words hope that your company can continue to improve.